Charity organizations deal with providing help without expecting monetary rewards. Most charity organizations are non-profit organizations. They depend on donations from philanthropists to run their duties. The support provided by charity organizations can be in the form of financial help or free medical care. Depending on the nature of work, charity organizations are of different types.

Health Charity Organizations

This type of Charity organization deals with health. Their primary focus is to help prevent or reduce diseases in regions where there are no or fewer facilities. They also swing into action whenever there is a disease outbreak with the aim of saving lives. They provide medical information through creating awareness. They also offer free treatments and drugs to those affected.

Education Charity Organizations

Education Charity organizations focus on providing education to those who have no access. They construct schools and donate learning materials to help improve literacy levels. They use and pay teachers/ tutors to track the progress of learners.

Animal Charity Organizations

Charity organizations which deal with the welfare of both domestic and wild animals. They promote the conservation and protection of wildlife. They do this by providing funds and organizing awareness campaigns.

Human Rights Charity Organizations

Human Rights Charity organizations advocate for rights of human beings. They establish their offices in areas prone to human rights abuse. They capture and report human right violations to the relevant authorities for action. They also follow up to make sure that those who perpetrate violence, rape, torture and diverse heinous crimes face the law.

In conclusion, the classification of charity organizations cannot be limited to nature of work they do. You are free to classify them using other parameters like where they get funds. Public charity organizations source funds from the public. Private Charity organizations like Foundations get their funds from the founders.