England has many charity organizations, all thanks to humanitarians. These organizations get ranked according to the amount of money they raise. Below is the list.


This international organization consists of 20 NGOs. It partners with more than 90 countries. Its cause is to fight poverty, whether abject or situational. Besides, it generates around 408.6 million dollars per year and spends 402.6 million dollars by aiming at protecting victims of poverty all over the world. Oxfam supplies relief food to victims of drought and famine.

The British Red Cross Society

It aims at connecting human kindness and crisis. The Red Cross has a net worth of 108 million dollars. Its activities range from helping find missing people and giving aids to refugees. It also offers grants.

Wellcome Trust

Its worth stands at 104 million dollars. It still holds the first position as the biggest health research organization. It spends its funds on digging into the diseases that affect both humans and animals.


This one aims at fighting cruelty directed to animals. It establishes orphanages for abused animals and also offers them medical care. Its value stands at 194 million dollars.


It is for helping children and has a net value of 94 million dollars. This charity organization has helped poor children access amenities like education, food, and water. It has also freed underage children from early marriages and also fought FGM. Barnardo’s comes to the aid of abused children.

The Arts Council England

With its value at 89 million dollars, it aims at supporting arts. Over the years, there has been a stereotype deeming arts inferior. It promotes arts to remove this stereotype. It believes that arts are important and can help make the world a better place.

Natural disasters have prompted the establishment of various charity groups. With more supporters and campaigns, there will be a better world. Poverty, hunger, famine and children molestation will be unheard of.