Casinos have been in the spotlight now and then for contributing to the noble cause of helping the less fortunate. Multi-million dollar jackpots are not the only way that these companies use to give back to the society. While most people see casinos as nothing more than organizations set to exploit others, there are those who have experienced their charitable side. Below are ways in which casinos have helped to contribute back to the community.

Charitable Poker Stars

There are gamblers who donated their winnings to charities. Poker stars such as Phil Hellmuth (“Poker Brat”), Matt Stout, Jennifer Harman and Linda Johnson have contributed a lot of money to charities through foundations they started.

Contributing Funds to Charity Organizations

Lottery give-away to charities is another direct way casinos help the less fortunate. A good example is when the Rank Group owned Mecca and Grosvenor Casinos donated £1.8 million to the Carers Trust in 2018.

Charity Gambling

Charity gambling refers to the hosting of gambling events with the aim of making profits for donations to charities. These projects are operated privately and all the returns gained are not supposed to be retained. The money is divided by half between the winners and the charitable organizations. Therefore, charitable organisations receive shared profits from casinos.

Online Charity Gambling

Although online gambling operates under different regulations, the increased number of internet gamblers has promoted some online casinos to set up gambling websites purely for charity. These non-profit set-ups direct all the profits made to various charities across the country.

Promoting gamble awareness to help those addicted to gambling is another way that casinos have used to help others in the society. Over the years they have provided funds to help the homeless and undertaken fundraising activities to help the less fortunate in Africa.